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Erika Davian dating and sex coach for men

Bachelor to Boyfriend


Dating will be different this time.

Just imagine how you will feel when:

You are confident asking any woman out,

regardless of how she'll respond.

You love the life you are living now.

The thing you are most embarrassed about

turns out to be a wonderful asset.

You dream bigger than you ever thought possible.

Rejection is no big deal.

You go after what you want and keep the momentum going until you get it.


You are able to handle any emotion without needing to distract from it.

Dating is easy.

Sex is fun.


You no longer worry about being alone.

When I heard about what Erika does,
I thought, "This is exactly what I need!"

I was nervous a lot of the time.  I knew something was wrong about how I approached relationships, but didn't know what it was.  I wanted to feel more secure with myself.


I'm a confident person otherwise, but in dating I would fake it.  I never really felt confident.  It was like I was split in two- the fake person on the outside and the person who was constantly worried on the inside.


Now I have zero of these issues.


Now when I am with someone I am not constantly worried about losing her.


Our work together helped me be more confident, authentic and present. 


Before I was always strategizing, directing my every move when I was around women. 


Now I am just in the experience, alive with another human. 


I have so much more trust in myself and women than before.  I'm not constantly second guessing myself.  


The things I learned I can now take with me into the future. I now have a blueprint for navigating whatever issue there is- whether that's in a long term relationship or on a first date.


I don't think I ever would have figured this stuff out

without Erika. 


She had such an ability to make me feel comfortable, which was so important.  The things I shared with her I would probably feel embarrassed to talk about with someone else.  She was able to give me the nudge I needed in a way no one else ever could.


It's been over a year now and the things that we did in our sessions have had such an impact on me. I've shifted my mindset so much.

The things I learned with her have had an effect on my whole life.  It's allowed me to be more myself in everything I do- with my family, with my friends, at work.  It's not just in intimate relationships.


Your brain was not designed for modern dating.

There's a reason why every rejection feels like you're going to die, and it's not because there is something wrong with you.  The very things your brain wants you to do (stay safe! don't put in any effort! seek immediate pleasure!) are the opposite of what creates success in love.


You can cultivate confidence and ease in less time than you think.  You just need tools like self awareness, emotional regulation, and the ability to coach yourself on the spot in order to show up in a different way.

Let's retrain your brain.

Men's dating coach

I offer a one-on-one coaching program unlike any other
dating coach out there.

This isn’t about learning how to be a pickup artist or quick tips to get you laid (though yes, we can talk about how to highlight your best features and how to be amazing in bed).  


This is about evolving as the kind of man

you will need to become.


One-on-one means the focus is on you.  Every session is tailored to your specific background, goals, and situation. 


I specialize in helping men who have little romantic

or sexual experience, but my tools and techniques

work across the board.

What's included

What is included in Bachelor to Boyfriend?

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Thoughtfully designed 12-week program based on proven tools for greater growth.

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Weekly video lessons you can watch as many times as you need to master the concepts.

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Worksheets and exercises to help you make rapid progress in a short amount of time. 

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Course materials conveniently delivered right to your inbox, broken into do-able chunks.

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Weekly 45-min one-on-one coaching sessions with Erika. Individual support to help you move past your biggest blocks.

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Reflection notes after each session help you remember your biggest breakthroughs.

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Spot coaching via email for those times when help can't wait for the next coaching session.

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Lifetime access to all course materials, videos, and worksheets.

Untitled (100 × 100 px).png

Additional trainings, webinars, and guides as I create them. Never worry that you missed out by signing up too early.

Lifetime Access (3).png

All the Materials. Forever.

(yes, really)

  • Low risk of failure.  You can always come back to the videos and worksheets if you need them.

  • Low pressure.  You'll make great progress, but don't have to figure it all out in 12 weeks.

  • No FOMO. You'll have access to all new materials created for Bachelor to Boyfriend in the future.

  • No more money.  You never have to buy another book, workshop, or course to overcome barriers to intimacy again.

“It doesn’t matter what you say or do—it matters what you’re thinking when you say or do it.”


- Stacey Boehman

The truth is, the exact things you say and do around a woman aren't nearly as important as you think. This is because what you do on the outside doesn’t matter if you have a crappy story about yourself on the inside


Your best clothes, the perfect pick up line, and all the dating advice in the world can’t make up for a poorly managed mind. This program teaches you the skills of self awareness, emotional regulation, and thoughtwork so you can coach yourself on the spot when you need it most.

Planning the next move (IG_ _clay_edited

If you don’t love the person you see
in the mirror, talk to Erika.

I wasn't feeling satisfied with my life, and I didn't really understand why or where to start to feel better.

Erika helped me find a way to think more positively and productively, while challenging me to confront my blocks. 

Image by behrouz sasani

You're a great fit if...

You are functional as an adult and just want greater confidence and resilience in this area of your life.


You don’t want to keep struggling alone. 


You’re ready to take an honest look at yourself and what’s not working for you with an expert who feels like a good friend.


You like the structure of a program alongside the personal attention of meeting with me once a week.


You’re ready for tools beyond what you may have learned in therapy, books, online videos, and workshops.


You are ready to finally go after what you want, even if you’re still not sure you believe it’s possible.

You're not quite ready if...

You want someone to tell you what to do.  Quick fix dating advice won’t help you see how capable, strong, and resilient you truly are.

You are unable to care for your basic needs of food, hygiene, shelter.

You are having serious thoughts of harming yourself or another.

You have a diagnosis that is not being managed by a medical or mental health professional.

You want to talk about how awful your life is but aren’t ready to take action to improve it.


You aren’t willing to make yourself a priority.

Happy Man

Bachelor to Boyfriend


12-week program of proven tools to manage your mind around dating and sex

Weekly 45-minute private coaching sessions with Erika (12 total)


Personalized reflections after each coaching session


Option to record coaching sessions 


40+ video lessons


Online fillable workbook


Weekly check-in email


Spot coaching in between sessions


Access to future bonus material


Lifetime access to materials

Not yet ready to make the first move?

Ok, I'll go first.  :)

If you feel that you’re in stuck in a cycle of frustration,
I'm confident that this will help you break it.

I can't promise that this program is going to magically give you a partner at the end of 12 weeks because it didn't happen for me.


But if you feel that you’re in stuck in a cycle of frustration, I'm confident that this will help you break it.

Let's Talk

Let's talk!

The things I teach in Bachelor to Boyfriend have the potential to change the course of your life forever.


That said, coaching is not for everyone.


Let’s chat to explore where you are, where you want to be, what's blocking you, and then decide whether or not working together is your next best step.


This call is about making that decision. That's all.


No matter what you decide, you’ll end this call with a greater sense of clarity around what you want and fresh ideas for how to get there.


Dating and intimacy coach Erika Davian

This is about so much more than getting a girlfriend or being good in bed.


  • ​You take massive action towards the relationship you want, rather than passively hoping it will happen.

  • You are free from a fear of rejection.  You know you can handle it.

  • You stop over-thinking and over-analyzing every interaction with a woman.

  • You learn to manage your mind so you can work with, rather than against yourself.

  • You show yourself that you are capable of more than you thought possible.

  • ​You have more fun and better connections with co-workers, friends, and family.

  • You waste less time on women who aren’t right for you and habits that distract you.

  • You have greater acceptance and compassion for yourself. You can feel big feelings without getting stuck in them.

  • You don't worry your peers are moving forward in their lives while yours stays the same.

  • You know that you are worthy of love and pleasure, no matter how long you’ve believed otherwise.

Men's dating coach

Still not sure?


I totally get it.  I thought for the longest time that coaching was silly and unnecessary— and one of my best friends has been a successful career coach for years!


Before I tried coaching, I had all kinds of thoughts like:


“I can do it on my own.”

“There are YouTube videos for this.”

“My problem is unique.  She won’t understand.”


If any of these sound like your mind right now, it makes sense.  Your brain is just trying to keep you safe and comfortable.


But safe and comfortable do not equal growth. 


And growth is what is necessary to take you from the man you are today to the man you are becoming.


The Best Dating Coach

For Men With Little-to-No Experience

Ready to approach dating in a whole new way?

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