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It's hard to date without hope. Download this free workbook to feel hopeful about love again in minutes.

Think love isn't meant for you?


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Have you ever looked at
happy couples and thought,
"Why not me?"

Nobody teaches us this stuff in school.


If you are like most men, you were probably left to learn what it takes to date and be with an intimate partner through depictions in movies, porn, and the media.  

It shouldn't be so hard to find an awesome girlfriend.    

You’ve probably experienced rejection more times than you can count and don’t know how to make it stop hurting. 

Or maybe you haven’t even gotten there because shyness or anxiety got in the way of trying.  

Figuring out how to connect with someone has been a messy process of trial and error, mistakes and hurt feelings, and by now you may be acting out a role you subconsciously learned to play, and not really showing up as yourself in the process.

You thought that being a good guy would be enough, but here you are, no longer a kid, still trying to have success in love and sex.  

Modern dating is the worst.

man with low confidence thinking about dating

It is not too late.

A life of love is totally
possible for you.

Indian marriage after dating coach
33 year old virgin with girlfriend
Black men with confidence dating
34 year old man with first girlfriend
Happy couple having date night at home
32 year old virgin with first girlfriend
40 year old virgin with first girlfriend
Desi man with first girlfriend
Happy Asian couple getting married
Autistic man with first girlfriend
28 year old virgin with first girlfriend
Black man with first girlfriend and baby
Black man marries first girlfriend
48 year old man with girlfriend
57 year old man with first girlfriend
Man with first girlfriend at 30 years old

Client Love

I don't think I ever would have
figured this stuff out without Erika.

The things I learned I can now take with me into the future. I now have a blueprint for navigating whatever issue there is- whether that's in a long term relationship or on a first date.

Dating and sex coach for men Erika Davian
Hello there!

I'm Erika Davian

I have seen too many good men sell themselves short.  Too often, it’s some of the kindest men with the most love to give who I see sitting on the sidelines, when it is exactly these men the world needs as partners, husbands, and fathers. 

I like to say I am changing the world one boyfriend at a time.

I use my training as a Certified Life Coach and in Surrogate Partner Therapy to help men with some, little, or no romantic experience approach dating in a whole new way that gets them unstuck and on the path to love.

My clients are typically 25-50 years old, with a lot of love to give and looking for someone to share it with long term.

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This workbook is a jumpstart for your broken down heart if you’ve been feeling stuck on the side of the road. You’ll be back up and running in no time.

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