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Erika Davian dating and sex coach for men

Think love isn't meant for you?

Think again.

Dating will be different this time.

Just imagine:

You feel confident asking any woman out,

regardless of how she'll respond.

You love the life you are living now.

The thing you are most embarrassed about

turns out to be a wonderful asset.

You dream bigger than you ever thought possible.

Rejection is no big deal.

You go after what you want and keep the momentum going until you get it.

Women are straightforward.

Dating is easy.

Sex is fun.

You no longer worry about being alone.

You may be wondering...

Who is Erika?
What is coaching?
What is a session like?

The Coaching Process


Your past does not determine your future.  We'll get clear on what you want, why you want it, and what you want to let go of in order to create it.


If you've tried a bunch of things already, you're probably trying to solve the wrong problem. Let's figure out what is really going on and solve for it. 



You'll get out in the dating world and try things, with less drama, confusion, and anxiety than ever before.

Take Action


We'll anticipate obstacles and solve for them in advance.  There will be disappointment at times, but you won't get stuck along the way. We'll come up with new strategies and keep going. 


You don't have to wait until you've found love to feel joy.  We'll celebrate all your wins, big and small, along the way.  Then I'll cheer you on for life.  


Men's dating coach

I offer one-on-one coaching
unlike any other dating coach out there.

This isn’t about learning how to be a pickup artist or quick tips to get you laid (though yes, we can talk about how to highlight your best features and how to be amazing in bed).  


This is about evolving as the kind of man

you will need to become.


One-on-one means the focus is on you.  Every session is tailored to your specific background, goals, and situation. 


I specialize in helping men who have little romantic

or sexual experience, but my tools and techniques

work across the board.

When I heard about what Erika does,
I thought, "This is exactly what I need!"

I was nervous a lot of the time.  I knew something was wrong about how I approached relationships, but didn't know what it was.  I wanted to feel more secure with myself.


I'm a confident person otherwise, but in dating I would fake it.  I never really felt confident.  It was like I was split in two- the fake person on the outside and the person who was constantly worried on the inside.


Now I have zero of these issues.


Now when I am with someone I am not constantly worried about losing her.


Our work together helped me be more confident, authentic and present. 


Before I was always strategizing, directing my every move when I was around women. 


Now I am just in the experience, alive with another human. 


I have so much more trust in myself and women than before.  I'm not constantly second guessing myself.  


The things I learned I can now take with me into the future. I now have a blueprint for navigating whatever issue there is- whether that's in a long term relationship or on a first date.


I don't think I ever would have figured this stuff out without Erika. 


She had such an ability to make me feel comfortable, which was so important.  The things I shared with her I would probably feel embarrassed to talk about with someone else.  She was able to give me the nudge I needed in a way no one else ever could.


It's been over a year now and the things that we did in our sessions have had such an impact on me. I've shifted my mindset so much.

The things I learned with her have had an effect on my whole life.  It's allowed me to be more myself in everything I do- with my family, with my friends, at work.  It's not just in intimate relationships.


Let's talk!

The first step in working together is to do a free and confidential consultation.


In this free 60 minute Zoom call we will discuss:

  • Where you are now in your dating life

  • Where you want to be

  • How you can get there


If I think I can help, I will let you know and we can discuss what it would be like to work together, if you’re interested. 


If not, I will help you as much as I can on the call, regardless.

This conversation is clarifying and energizing. 


You’ll walk away with a clear plan of action and next steps to take with absolutely zero pressure to work with me afterward (not my style!).


Dating and intimacy coach Erika Davian

If you don’t love the person you see
in the mirror, talk to Erika.

I wasn't feeling satisfied with my life, and I didn't really understand why or where to start to feel better.

Erika helped me find a way to think more positively and productively, while challenging me to confront my blocks. 

Men's dating coach

Still not sure?


I totally get it.  I thought for the longest time that coaching was silly and unnecessary— and one of my best friends has been a successful career coach for years!


Before I tried coaching, I had all kinds of thoughts like:


“I can do it on my own.”

“There are YouTube videos for this.”

“My problem is unique.  She won’t understand.”


If any of these sound like your mind right now, it makes sense.  Your brain is just trying to keep you safe and comfortable.


But safe and comfortable do not equal growth. 


And growth is what is necessary to take you from the man you are today to the man you are becoming.


The Best Dating Coach

For Men With Little-to-No Experience

Ready to approach dating in a whole new way?

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