My Mission 

You are stepping into a new space of personal pleasure, growth, and presence that I am so excited to share with you. 

Our time together is an opportunity to ask the "silly" questions, try out new paths to pleasure, and get to know yourself better in a way that might not be possible or easy with someone you are dating or romantically involved with.  I am here as a non-judgmental practice partner and coach to help you deepen your capacity for intimacy in your relationships outside of our sessions.  


I care about each of my clients and would feel great satisfaction in watching you take steps toward the things that will help you feel your fullest self in intimacy.

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Why I Do This Work

Nobody teaches us this stuff in school.  At best, we are raised with a strong sex education and healthy attitudes toward intimacy when we’re young, then strike gold with a kind and patient partner early in our journey with whom we feel safe and comfortable exploring. If we’re really lucky, this trend continues and we find ourselves in partnerships that are fulfilling, allowing us to keep growing and deepening our capacity for intimacy.


What happens if you aren’t so lucky?  If you are like most people, you were probably left to learn what it takes to be with an intimate partner through depictions in movies, porn, and the media.  Perhaps some of your experiences have included trauma, low body image, or anxiety. Figuring out how to connect with someone at different stages of your life has maybe been a messy process of trial and error, mistakes and hurt feelings, and acting out a role you subconsciously learned to play.

I experienced trauma as a teenager, and I credit wonderful sex life and partnerships I enjoy today to the work of a friend who held space for me to heal.  I am forever grateful to him.  It is my sincere wish to carry that kind of gift forward.

Wherever you are in your journey, together we will build from here.  My intention is not to offer you a bandaid solution to a current situation in your life, but to help you develop and practice skills that you can take with you into any partnership you choose, whether now or in the future.  


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