Hi!  I'm Erika.

I have seen too many good men sell themselves short.


I’ve watched amazing men turn down opportunities to have a life of adventure and fulfillment-- just because they didn’t believe it was possible for them. 


I’ve seen men encounter sexual dysfunction and shame, simply because their mind was sabotaging their body’s ability to perform. 


My work specializing in men’s issues is a blend of my backgrounds in teaching, sex therapy, and life coaching, bringing my best in each to the table.  I work with clients in a way that is at once educational and transformational.


This is heart-centered work and I really enjoy what I do. I love when I hear that our work together helped create a profound shift in someone's life.  Clients describe me as warm, non-judgemental, and very approachable, which often makes it a completely different experience from working with a doctor or therapist.  My warmth is exactly what allows them to be able to hear me when some “tough love” is in order.  They know I’ve got their back.


I am a certified Life Coach trained to work across a variety of life areas to help you meet your relationship, money, work, and wellness goals.

My expertise in sex and intimacy comes from my training in Surrogate Partner Therapy.



I thought I would have to let others down in order to move forward with my life. Now I know that I can re-frame or almost mold my thoughts using an inner observer. When I feel resentment, I can evaluate that and redirect it into gratitude and freedom.


I'm ready to start living according to my wants and needs.


I wasn't feeling satisfied with my life, and I didn't really understand why or where to start to feel better.


Erika helped me find a way to think more positively and productively, while challenging me to confront my blocks. 


If you don’t love the person you see in the mirror, talk to Erika.


Working with Erika I was able to finally take a real look at where I'm at financially. It wasn't as daunting of a task as I had imagined. She’s patient, kind, and asks questions that forced me to find the real issues instead of acting on beliefs.


I came up with a plan and a timeline to get out of debt, and several goals to start saving for retirement.

Design the life you want

Reduce stress and anxiety, get more done in less time, take control of your finances, take massive action toward your goals, and create a life that is uniquely your own.

Thrive in relationships

Whether new to dating or already in a long term relationship, learn the tools needed to show up authentically and with ease

​that you can apply to any relationship (family, romantic, workplace, etc.) in your life. 

Live with greater confidence

Say goodbye to indecision, selling yourself short, and under performing in life and work.  Learn how to harness the power of your mind in order to approach any situation as your fullest self. 

Experience better sex + intimacy

Overcome ED, PE, later in life virginity and a lackluster love life without the use of drugs, gadgets, or expensive and lengthy treatments to experience greater satisfaction and connection.

Let's Get Started

No matter what challenges you are facing, your brain is your most powerful tool to overcome them.  


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